China goalkeeper to fans: 'You're a bunch of dogs'

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China goalkeeper to fans: 'You're a bunch of dogs'

GUANGZHOU, China (AP) -- The tattooed bad boy of Chinese soccer has a message for critics who skewered him after the team's 3-0 loss to Japan at the Asian Games.

"It would be flattery to call you fans. You're just a bunch of dogs," 21-year-old goalkeeper Wang Dalei posted on his microblog. "You bunch of morons are the main reason why Chinese football can't make progress. You throw in stones after a man has fallen into a well."

A barrage of online outbursts from an apparently unrepentant Wang has shocked fans, the latest episode to highlight the sorry state of soccer in China. Dismal play is the norm and fans have been turned off by a sport still struggling to recover from scandals that revealed deeply ingrained corruption.

Wang's comments have been deleted from his Twitter-like microblog, which has 80,000 followers.

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