Ultrasound? There's an FDA-approved app for that

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Ultrasound? There's an FDA-approved app for that

Preliminary product image via Mobisante

By Rosa Golijan

We use our smart phones for nearly every little task in life, so it almost seems reasonable that someone would decide to create a medical ultrasound imaging system specifically for mobile devices — or at least that's what the FDA thinks.

According to FastCompany, the FDA recently approved MobiUS, a medical ultrasound imaging system made by medical device company Mobisante. The system basically consists of an ultrasound wand, a smart phone, and a clever app. That's it!

Just like the doctor's office version of such a system, the MobiUS allows a medical practitioner to view, manipulate, and analyze ultrasound images instantly. As a bonus though, he or she will be able to transfer the data wirelessly to wherever it needs to go.

A system like that is amazing because it can go nearly any place that might have a Wi-Fi or cellular data network available unlike traditional — and higher cost — setups. The only downside is that you'll now have to avoid touching your doctor friend's phone. Who knows what that thing was close to. 

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